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BirthGender not known; Australia
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
MilitaryMay well have served in WWI in the British Army

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Notes for Philip Henry SAUNDERS

Philip Henry was born in Australia, and may have worked on Nauru Island in the Pacific prior to and early in WWI. A person called P. H. Saunders appears on the Nauru Roll of Honour Board for WWI, and I think this may be Philip Henry. However, Philip Henry did not serve in the Australian or New Zealand forces during WWI. He may have served in the British forces.

I can find no evidence that Philip Henry did work on Nauru, apart from the fact that he loaned the Dominion Museum in Wellington NZ some Nauruan artifacts when he lived in NZ in the late 1920s. He and his wife and child - all Australians - returned to Melbourne about 1930, and he claimed his stuff back again and it was all sent to Melbourne. These items consisted of adzes, mats etc. from Nauru, Western Australia, and South Africa. I don't think Philip Henry ever went to South Africa, but he may have inherited these items from his father, who apparently spent time in both Western Australia and South Africa. [260]


27.  Email, Laurie Maher, 25 June 2001
260.  Email, Christine Liava'a, 30 December 2013, Researching soldiers from the Central Pacific in the Great War

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