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BirthFemale; 5 Nov 1855; Regent Street, Northampton UK [15]
Death19 Dec 1897, age 42; Chicago, Cook, Illinois USA
Death MemoOf ovarian tumor
BurialOakwoods Cemetary, Chicago, Illinois USA

Charles Boddington family c.1890


1        Married, 1875
BirthMale; 3 Dec 1847; Shoreditch, Middlesex UK
Death19 Nov 1914, age 66; Chicago, Cook, Illinois USA
Death MemoOf angina pectoris
BurialOakwoods Cemetary, Chicago, Illinois USA
OccupationDecorative plasterer [50]

Frederick BALMER (b.1847)

Marriage 17 Aug 1875, Toronto, Ontario Canada
Children (9):Alice Ada BALMER (1876 - 1920)
Nellie BALMER (1879 - )
William James BALMER (1880 - 1945)
Louise BALMER (1882 - 1967)
Harriet Boddington BALMER (1884 - 1960)
Eva Gertrude BALMER (1886 - 1972)
Jennie Deborah BALMER (1890 - 1959)
Frederick Bernard BALMER (1892 - 1979)
Edna Lillian BALMER (1894 - 1969)

Notes for Alice Dinah BODDINGTON

Charles Boddington family picture:

Standing back row: George Albert, Charles Thomas, William John, Walter Edward, Ellen Harriett
Sitting middle row: Harriot Louisa, mother Harriett ROE, Elizabeth Eaton, father Charles BODDINGTON, Alice Dinah, Mary Jane (standing)
Sitting on the floor: Arthur Joseph, Francis James

Notes for Frederick BALMER

Charles Boddington & family, Frederick Balmer, his brothers George and Philip, all emigrated from Northampton to Toronto in about 1871.

Frederick and Alice emigrated to Chicago about 1892 so he could do the decorative plastering for the 1893 Columbian National Exposition. The rest of the Balmer/Boddington family remained in Toronto. [6]


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205.  Document, Lynn Coulter née Boddington, 2009, Melody Island Memories, self published

Person record last updated: 14 Feb 2023

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