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BirthFemale; 20 Sept 1830; Woodford, Northamptonshire UK
Death6 Dec 1902, age 72 [24]
ResidenceNorthampton UK
Toronto, Canada
MotherNot recorded


1        Married, 1848
BirthMale; 22 Sept 1830; Northampton UK
Birth Memopossibly b.10 Apr 1831 in Wollaston
Death18 Jan 1908, age 77 [24]
OccupationShoe maker
ResidenceNorthampton UK
Toronto, Canada

Charles BODDINGTON (b.1830)

Marriage 3 Nov 1848, Northampton Parish Church [15]
Children (15):Elizabeth Eaton 'Lizzie' BODDINGTON (1849 - 1893)
Mary Ann BODDINGTON [Died as infant] (1850 - 1851)
Harriet Deborah BODDINGTON [Died as infant] (1852 - 1852)
Ellen Harriett BODDINGTON (1853 - 1942)
Alice Dinah BODDINGTON (1855 - 1897)
Julia Ann May BODDINGTON (1857 - )
Charles Thomas BODDINGTON (1858 - 1917)
William John BODDINGTON (1860 - 1928)
George Edward BODDINGTON [Died as infant] (1862 - 1862)
Mary Jane BODDINGTON (1863 - 1903)
Harriet Louisa BODDINGTON (1865 - 1916)
Walter Edward BODDINGTON (1867 - 1948)
George Albert BODDINGTON (1869 - 1948)
Arthur Joseph BODDINGTON (1871 - 1915)
Francis James BODDINGTON (1872 - 1947)

Notes for Charles BODDINGTON

Charles Boddington & family, Frederick Balmer, his brothers George and Philip, all emigrated from Northampton to Toronto in about 1871 or 1872. [6]

Charles stands at the head of the family that accounts for almost every Boddington in the USA and Canada! I (the webmaster) know of only three other Boddington families in north America who are not descended from Charles. [269]

Family notes for Harriett ROE and Charles BODDINGTON

The Marriage Certificate shows that Charles was illiterate and unable to sign his own name. Harriett could sign. One of the Witnesses was Charles's sister Mary Ann, also unable to sign her own name. [15]

Charles Boddington family picture:

Standing back row: George Albert, Charles Thomas, William John, Walter Edward, Ellen Harriett
Sitting middle row: Harriot Louisa, mother Harriett ROE, Elizabeth Eaton, father Charles BODDINGTON, Alice Dinah, Mary Jane (standing)
Sitting on the floor: Arthur Joseph, Francis James


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Person record last updated: 15 Feb 2023

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