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Gladys May HOFT

Sarah L. Atwood contacted me with information about Gladys May Hoft, whose mother was a Boddington. Sarah's mother, Sheila Priggen, was born in 1926 and was stationed during WWII at RAF Staverton, near Gloucester UK, as was Gladys May.

Mrs Priggen thinks she was at Staverton in 1946 for the bad winter there, for six months. She and a lady named Daffney (Daphney?) were also stationed up at York and at the end of her service was back at Staverton. She is not clear in what year this picture was taken but thinks it depicts those in training. She was training in secretarial duties.

In the front row, the woman in the middle is Miss Liston, then Mack, then Daffney, then the Head, then someone Sheila remembers but cannot name. In the middle row, from the right is Frank, then two people she does not recognize, then Sheila, then Penny.

Sheila does not recognize anyone else, but says the white belt was for those in the RAF police force.

Another WRAF was Jean Powell, also born in 1926, who later married Stan Luff in Tintern.

The film star Richard Burton was stationed at RAF Staverton in 1946 but my mother did not know that.

If you know any of these people please send me a message!

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