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Date options enable you to have dates displayed in your prefered format. Note that order options apply only to the display of dates and names. Where a Quarter is given in a date it is always displayed as nQYYYY. Options do not affect sorting of dates which are always in the order of Year, Month, Day or Year, Quarter(qtr), or Names in the order of Surname, Forenames. Children are listed in order of birth where possible. The Spelling options apply only to system messages, and not to text entered into records.


Short:   3 Feb 1910; 3-2-1910; 1Q1910
Long:    03 February 1910; 03-02-1910; 1Q1910

Alphabetic:   3 Feb 1910; 03 February 1910; 1Q1910
Numeric:      3-2-1910; 03-02-1910; 1Q1910

Day, month, year:   3 Feb 1910; 3-2-1910; 1Q1910
Month, day, year:    Feb 3, 1910; 2-3-1910; 1Q1910


Forenames, Surnames:   Joe BLOGS
Surnames, Forenames:   DOE, John


UK Spelling:   eg. Colour
US Spelling:   eg. Color

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