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BirthFemale; 18 Oct 1920
Death11 Dec 1998, age 78; The Hague, Netherlands
Death MemoCancer
BurialCrematorium, The Hague, Netherlands
ResidenceZoutmanstraat 96, The Hague, Netherlands


Married, 1946
BirthMale; 1900
Death1975, age about 75; Zoutmanstraat 96, The Hague, Netherlands
Death MemoHeart failure after years of illness
BurialThe Hague Netherlands
ResidenceZoutmanstraat 96, The Hague, Netherlands
Marriage 1946
Children (2):Living child #1
Living child #2

Notes for Theodora 'Thea' van den BURSELAAR

Conceived 1st child immediately after marriage and 2nd child very soon after birth of 1st.

Notes for Cornelius Dirk HOEK

Conscripted to Dutch Army at start of WWII; soon captured and spent war years in prisoner of war camp in Poland. Married very soon after release to a girl he did not know before the war.

Other than during the war years, he lived his entire life in the same house.

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