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DeathDeceased, age not recorded


1        Married
BirthMale; 23 Sept 1897
Death25 Feb 1957, age 59
OccupationRan Twin Peaks station (see notes).
Marriage Details not recorded
No children recorded on this database

2        Married
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
Marriage Details not recorded
Child (1):Kenneth George MASLEN (1925 - )

Notes for May BLAIR

Was a childhood neighbour of the Boddingtons living at Murgoo.

Notes for Ernest Henry BODDINGTON

Ran Twin Peaks and Jingemarra stations with his brothers under the name of Boddington Bros. until 1956.

I have an extract from a book about cattle stations called 'Road to Murchison' by Marion Nixon & R.F.B. Lefroy. It gives a history of Twin Peaks. I give you the following final paragraphs ...

[In 1956] Ernest [Boddington] did not move to Perth with the rest of the family [Albert, George and Charles]. He chose to live in Geraldton where he later married a childhood neighbour, Mrs May Maslen, who as May Blair had lived at Murgoo.

Tom, who married Dolly Angelo, lived at Jingemarra.
Hubert, who went to Kalgoorlie in 1934, married Myrtle Eade in 1935. She had earlier been governess at Jingemarra. Hubert took a Diesel Drivers Examination and was a diesel driver at Gold Mines of Kalgoorlie for twenty years.

Dolly (Hannah May) married John Mitchell of Yallalong in 1926.

Miss Amy Boddington went to live with her sister, Mrs John Mitchell, at Pepermint Grove, following John Mitchell's death in 1937.


3.  Book, Marion Nixon & RFB Lefroy, Road to Murchison

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