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BirthMale; 9 July 1926
Death11 May 2015, age 88 [276]
Burial22 May 2015; St Bartholomew, Holmer, Herefordshire UK
EducationOxford University
Military1944 WWII
ResidenceHerefordshire UK, UK

Funeral order of service Raymond Berkeley Boddington b.1926

Notes for Raymond Berkeley BODDINGTON

Dr David Boddington (no relation) writes: "We went to the Memorial Service of Raymond Boddington yesterday. I have known him as a Herefordian since about the 1960s. He went into the war about in 1944, and on coming out was sent to Oxford where his degree included a science subject. His father had been an apple farmer near Hereford since the 1930's but [adverse circumstances] made him [Ray] change jobs. Father's great great grandfather had started the brewery in Manchester, but they were a large family and father came to Hereford.

Ray joined Henry Wiggin - the specialist nickel engineers who were in Glasgow, South Wales and Birmingham. They were moved to Hereford and set up near the cider factory (Bulmers) as they needed to be hidden from the Germans. Ray worked there for most of his working life and was very occupied in the musical affairs of Hereford, being secretary to the Three Choirs Festival. He was also a founder of the Borders Apple Network. He had a sister [Elizabeth], who married Rodney Bennett, who was very much involved in natural history. [Elizabeth] 15 years ago [c.2000] made me sit by her to compare our noses and hair*. She is now about 90 and in a chair. Her hair is still impossible to perm and, like mine, is electrostatic. So I have known them both reasonably well - personally via nose and hair - although for their photos Ray has controlled his.

I introduced myself to two of the next generation - one is almost bald - he blamed a foul gene creeping in! and one has normal hair but a Bodd nose." [277],[323]

* David Boddington has totally unmanageable hair! His family also have a notable shape to their nose. However, there is no known relationship between the brewery Boddingtons and David Boddington's family within the period of research going back to the middle 1500s. The brewers came from Cuddington in Oxfordshire, while David's family came from north east Warwickshire. [Webmaster, who is a cousin to David Boddington]


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Person record last updated: 1 Feb 2023

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