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AkaFrederick 'Fred' BODDINGTON [395]
BirthMale; 14 Sept 1886; Wannerenooka, Northampton, Western Australia
Birth MemoMaybe 14 Oct 1888, see notes [179]
Death12 Dec 1962, age 76
OccupationSheep station manager (see notes).
ResidenceWannerenooka, Northampton, Western Australia
Twin Peaks Station
Jingemarra Station
Tallering Station
Murran Murran Station
Yarraquin Station
East Chapman
Retired: Yandanooka, near Mingenew, all in WA, Australia


1        Married, 1917
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
Marriage 15 Aug 1917
Children (3):Frederick Hubert BODDINGTON (1920 - )
James Herbert 'Jim' BODDINGTON (1921 - )

Notes for Frederick JUDGE

Frederick's date of birth is a bit of a moveable feast. Fred was on the way before Hannah married Alfred, and is not a genetic Boddington. This could explain the variation in birth dates. Fred was noticeably different in complexion and build to all his siblings. [179],[395]

Fred left the Boddington stations (Twin peaks and Jingemarra) about 1919 to work as Station manager at Tallering Station, then later at Murran Murran Station; before moving to Yarraquin Station to work for the Grant family. He later managed Grant’s properties at Yandanooka and East Chapman before retiring to be near his son James (Jim) at Yandanooka, near Mingenew in Western Australia. [395]

Hannah JUDGE's first child, Fred, was NOT included in his adopted father Albert Charles BODDINGTON's will, which left all his estate to his biological children - six sons, two daughters, and to his wife Hannah (Fred's mother). The estate was settled for them when the youngest of his children was 'of age' in 1929. [395]


3.  Book, Marion Nixon & RFB Lefroy, Road to Murchison
179.  Email, Richard Boddington, 18 April 2009
395.  Email, Alyson Crawford, 12/06/2022

Person record last updated: 1 Feb 2023

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