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DeathDeceased, age not recorded


1        Married
BirthMale; 6 June 1904; Paris, France
Death3 July 1974, age 70; Plymouth, Devon UK
MilitaryUK SOE (secret service)
Marriage Details not recorded
No children recorded on this database

Notes for Audrey

Nicholas Bodington's niece claimed to have been a bridesmaid at Nicholas's wedding in Paris during the 1930s. I believe that he was married to an American but don't have more information other than it may have been his second marriage. There is a passenger list in the National Archives from 1927 showing him as arriving in the UK from Cape Town with his wife Audrey.

Notes for Nicholas Redner BODINGTON OBE

Nicholas Bodington was a member of the UK secret services, SOE, during WWII. There was also a suggestion that he was a double agent. Details are held at the National Archives.

Awarded Order of the British Empire (OBE). Toward the end of the war there was an attempt to award him the MC but it was turned down - probably because of suspicions about his loyalty during his time with SOE.


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