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BirthMale; 22 Sept 1829; Erdington (Birmingham), Warwickshire UK
Death8 May 1902, age 72; Dubois Hospital, Paris, France
BurialSutton Coldfield, Warwickshire UK
EducationQueen's College, Birmingham UK
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Dr George Fowler Bodington MD MRCS FRCS LSA Dr George Fowler Bodington MD MRCS FRCS LSA b.1829 Dr George Fowler Bodington MD MRCS FRCS LSA b.1829


Married, 1858
BirthFemale; 1825
Baptism1867; Aston, Warwickshire UK
Baptism MemoNow Birmingham, West Midlands
Death4Q1867, age about 42; Aston, Warwickshire
Death MemoAs a result of childbirth
MotherNot recorded
Marriage 1858
Children (8):Oliver Eaton BODINGTON (1859 - ~1942)
Juliet Eaton BODINGTON (1861 - <1901)
Constance Eaton BODINGTON (1862 - >1941)
Arthur Eaton BODINGTON (Twin) (1864 - >1938)
Walter Eaton BODINGTON (Twin) (1864 - ~1943)
Philip Eaton BODINGTON (1865 - )
Caroline Mary Eaton BODINGTON (Died as infant) (1867 - 1869)

Married, 1873
BirthFemale; 22 May 1840; Rome, Italy
Death15 Feb 1897, age 56; New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Death MemoBritish Columbia archives, B13088
EducationMason Science College Wikipedia: Mason Science College, 1884-85, Birmingham UK
ResidenceRome, Italy
United Kingdom
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Marriage 1873, Croydon
Children (4):Helena Brooke BODINGTON (1874 - )
Winifred Brooke BODINGTON (1877 - )
Ethelbert Brooke BODINGTON (Died in infancy) (1878 - 1878)
Maurice Brooke BODINGTON (1884 - )

Notes for Dr George Fowler BODINGTON MD MRCS FRCS LSA

Name appears on a list of early British settlers in Natal, 1824-1857. Also on voters list in British Columbia, Canada, 1898. Then at Public Hospital for Insane, NWC. Related to William Fowler Carter, 1856-1936, Birmingham barrister and antiquary.

Adm. pens. at CAIUS, Oct. 27, 1847. Son of George, surgeon, of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, (the well-known pioneer in the outdoor treatment of tuberculosis) Born Sept. 14, 1828, at Erdington, Birmingham. School, Queen's College, Birmingham.

Matric. Michs. 1847. Studied medicine. MRCS., 1849. FRCS., 1862.

L.S.A., 1853. MD. (Giessen) 1868. MD. (Durham) 1885. Sometime House Surgeon at Queen's Hospital, Birmingham; then, as Ship's Surgeon, Visited Natal and India. Practised in the back settlements of Pietermaritzburg, where his fees were paid in elephants' tusks. Returned to UK and practised at Kenilworth.

Removed to Middleborough-on-Tees, 1866; Surgeon there to North Riding Infirmary. Took over the management of his father's private asylum, Driffold House, Sutton Coldfield; afterwards removed to Ashwood House, Kingswinford, Staffs., 1867-1884. Took a leading part in establishing the Birmingham Medical Institute; President of the Birmingham and Midland Branch of the British Medical Association. Went to British Columbia. Medical Superintendent of the Provincial Asylum, New Westminster, B.C., 1895-1901; resigned. Died May 8, 1902, in Paris. Buried at Sutton Coldfield Father of Arthur E. (1883). (Venn, II 282; Plarr, Lives of the Fellows.).

I've located a wonderful account of George Fowler Bodington's late-life emigration to British Columbia (1880s-1900), written in fascinating often hilarious, terms by his son, Maurice Brooke Bodington. GFB seems to have been almost larger than life, extrovert and bursting to travel. [378]

George Fowler Bodington was a good chess player and he played in Redcar 1865 and 1866 and participated in several team matches between New Westminster and Vancouver in 1896 and 1897. [381]

In naming his 12 children, George included his wives maiden names among the forenames of every one of them.

Notes for Caroline Mary EATON

Poor Caroline, died after giving birth to her eighth child, and was baptised just prior to dying.

Notes for Alice BROOKE

In 1851 the 10 year old Alice was living with her widowed father in a large house in Suffolk, England, which included seven household servants and a governess. Author of Importance of Race and its bearing on the Negro Question, 1878, and a number of scientific articles.


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