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BirthMale; 13 Nov 1907; 6 East View, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
Death7 Jan 1994, age 86
Burial18 Jan 1994; Thornhill Crematorium
Burial MemoAshes scattered at Thornhill Cemetery
EducationBrithdir Boys School; Lewis School, Pengam;
1925 Technical College & University, Cardiff
OccupationAerospace Engineer
1951 Royal Aerospace Establishment, Farnborough;
1953 Director Royal Navy Research & Development;
1959 Director General Aircraft Research & Development;
Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, Ministry of Supply


1        Married
BirthFemale; 1906
Death10 Jan 2001, age about 94
Burial12 Jan 2001; Thornhill Crematorium
Burial MemoAshes scattered at Thornhill Cemetery
Marriage Details not recorded
No children recorded on this database

Notes for Lewis BODDINGTON CBE

1925: Technical College & University, Cardiff, awarded a Sir Edward Nicholas scholarship in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

1951: Together with Captain Dennis Campbell, Lewis Boddington invented the angled flight deck for aircraft carriers.

1956: Awarded CBE in Queen's Birthday Honours; 1958: Awarded US Medal of Freedom. [318]


318.  Book, Royston Smith, 20 December 2017, Brithdir Yesteryear in an upper Rhymney Valley community

Person record last updated: 1 Feb 2023

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