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DeathDeceased, age not recorded
MotherNot recorded


1        Married, 1911
BirthMale; 14 Aug 1885; Monton House, Eccles, Manchester UK
BaptismSt Mary's, Eccles, Manchester UK
Death16 Sept 1945, age 60
Occupation1911: Curate at Leigh, Lancashire UK
Curate c.1916-21 at Holy Angels Church, Moorfield Road, Irlams O'th'height, Salford, Lancashire UK [61]
Residence1911: Wolseley Villas, 70 The Avenue, Leigh, Lancashire, UK
Marriage 1 Aug 1911, Church of St John the Baptist, Southend-on-Sea, Essex UK [330]
No children recorded on this database

Notes for Revd Arthur BODDINGTON

At Holy Angels Church, Moorfield Road, Irlams O'th'height, Salford, Lancashire UK there is a window dedicated to Arthur BODDINGTON, curate.

Family notes for Mary Winifred HIGGINS and Revd Arthur BODDINGTON

A full report of the marriage was published in The Chronical. I am most grateful to Steve Crook for finding and forwarding this useful piece of family history.


2.  Document, Reginald Stewart BODDINGTON, 1889, Pedigree of the Family of BODDINGTON
61.  Email, Ann Connor, 9 June 2002
216.  Email, Anthony Williams, 13 August 2010
330.  Newspaper, 30 January 2019, The Chronical, [Leigh, Lancashire] Saturday 4th August 1911, page 8, column 4.

Person record last updated: 10 April 2022

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