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DeathDeceased, age not recorded


1        Married, 1939
BirthMale; 18 April 1916
DeathAbout 13 Oct 1942, age 26; In action aboard HMS Unique
Death MemoDate is approximate, see notes.
Burial MemoLost at sea
StatusDied in action, WWII
Web Page HMS Unique

Lieutenant Robert Evelyn BODDINGTON RN (b.1916)

Marriage 1 Sept 1939, Singapore Cathedral
Children:Living children not displayed

Notes for Heather Elizabeth HANCE

Heather Elizabeth HANCE's brother Geoffrey Churchill had a large family based on Victoria, Vancouver Island and they are scattered across Canada and USA, mainly Portland OR and Washington DC. They may be connected into the family trees in north America.

Notes for Lieutenant Robert Evelyn BODDINGTON RN

HMS Unique; Lt A.F. Collett DSC. 10th Flotilla, Malta. Lt. R.E. Boddington. Sank 1 armed merchant cruiser, 1 transport, 2 supply ships, totalling 20,382 tons. After UK refit, sailed Holy Loch 7-Oct-42 sunk in Atlantic October 1942, carrying out Bay of Biscay patrol while on passage from Britain to Gibraltar. Reported off Lands End on the 9th and not heard from again. Cause of loss unknown, but possibly lost around 13-Oct-42, during a failed attack on the German tanker Spichern in the Bay of Biscay; lost with all hands.

Click for information about the ship, HMS Unique.

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 62, Column 1.

Lt. R.E. Boddington was Mentioned in Despatches. [216],[396]

The Submariners Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum was duly dedicated by Prince William in May 2022. I have to say I am very pleased with the monument.

Our father, grandfather, uncle, stepfather, great grandfather, father in law, cousin, Lt Robert Evelyin Boddington RN (1916 - 1942) is commemorated in the cache under the memorial and other members of my mother's wider family, Toby Kyrke and Ben Bryant are remembered more generally.

Here is a film of the ceremony. The Submariners Memorial, dedication by Prince William [396]


13.  Document, Noni Watkins researches and papers, 2000
216.  Email, Anthony Williams, 13 August 2010
396.  Public archive, Christopher Boddington, 18 June 2022, The Submariners Memorial

Person record last updated: 10 April 2022

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