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BirthMale; 3 June 1911 [186]
Death1970, age about 58
OccupationPhotographer. With his wife, established Zanthus Film partnerships in the late 1950s.
MilitaryWWII: Sergeant, Royal Australian Air Force


1        Married, about 1957
BirthFemale; About 1922
Death15 Nov 2015, age about 93
OccupationWith her husband, established Zanthus Film partnerships in the late 1950s.
ResidenceMelbourne, Australia
Web Page Zanthus Film partnership
Marriage About 1957 [186]
Children:Living children not displayed

Notes for Newcombe Adrian BODDINGTON

Known as 'Bod'. Awarded the King's Air Force Medal.

Notes for Jennie BLACKWOOD

She was curator of the photography collection at the National Gallery of Victoria for many years. She is also the author of the book - Drysdale Photographer - which is about the photographs taken by one of our well-known artists in Australia, Russell Drysdale. For an example try this page.


186.  Email, James Boddington, 17 April 2008
327.  Email, Steve Foley, 28 September 2018

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