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BirthMale; 19 June 1766 [265]
Death19 April 1843, age 76 [265]
OccupationMP for Tralee, Ireland
Later in business as Boddington, Sharp and Philips
Web Page Wikipedia: Samuel Boddington MP

Samuel BODDINGTON MP (b.1766)


1        Married, 1792
BirthFemale; 17 Sept 1774
Death10 Feb 1812, age 37
BurialChorley, Lancashire UK

Grace Ashburner

Marriage 24 Feb 1792, St George's church, Bloomsbury, London UK [265]
Divorced1798 [376]
Children (2):Grace BODDINGTON

Notes for Samuel BODDINGTON MP

Samuel Boddington was MP for Tralee in Ireland for just a few months. A fuller account of his life can be found on the Wikipedia page, link above.

Divorced Grace in 1798; she then married Benjamin BODDINGTON JP DL, cousin of Samuel! See notes for Grace's second husband, Benjamin, for the full and scandalous story! [265]

Picture by William Drummond, printed by Day & Haghe, published by Thomas McLean; lithograph, circa 1835; NPG D31925

Notes for Grace ASHBURNER

Her first child with her second husband was born only 8.5 months after her marriage to husband #2, Benjamin, which was very soon after her divorce from husband #1. See notes for Benjamin for the full and scandalous story, or see the full picture of Grace and read the associated blog. [265],[398]

Family notes for Samuel BODDINGTON MP and Grace ASHBURNER

It was remarked as a true love story, Samuel having nearly snatched her off a ship en route to India to join her father, in order to marry her (with her father's consent, she being a minor).

They had two children Grace Boddington, born sometime between Feb 1792 and June 1797, and Samuel, according to some newspaper reports, although others suggest more than two. [265]

The children of this marriage lived with the Morgan family for several years following the breakup of the marriage. Several members of the Ashburner family were live-in students of Richard Price Morgan's father, George Morgan. When the Morgans left for America the Boddington children remained in the UK with their father. [309],[310]

Divorce notes for Samuel BODDINGTON MP and Grace ASHBURNER

He divorced her. See notes for Grace's second husband, Benjamin, for the full and scandalous story!


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