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BirthMale; 7 Nov 1849; Eccles, Lancashire UK
Baptism6 Dec 1849; Manchester Cathedral
Death4 Sept 1925, age 75; Gorsey Gate, Pownall Park, Wilmslow, Cheshire UK
Burial MemoAt his request his ashes were spread beneath an oak tree planted by him at Pownall Hall
OccupationBrewer, Strangeways Brewery, Manchester UK
Director, Boddington's Breweries Ltd.
Director, Manchester Ship Canal Co.
Residence1901: Silverdale, Carnforth, Lancashire, UK


1        Married, 1878
BirthFemale; 27 Aug 1859; Manchester, Lancashire UK
Baptism1859; Manchester Cathedral
Death28 Oct 1945, age 86; Aberdeenshire, Scotland [57]
Residence1891: Pownall Hall, Wilmslow, Cheshire UK
1861: Cheetham, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
Marriage 5 Dec 1878, Silverdale Church, Lancashire UK
Children (3):Henry BODDINGTON (1881 - 1964)
Ruth Olive BODDINGTON (1883 - 1971)
Marianne Gladys BODDINGTON (1885 - 1959)

Notes for Henry BODDINGTON JP

Lived in a flat over the brewery until he purchased Pownall Hall, Wilmslow, Cheshire UK in 1886.

He was "one of the most ardent promoters of the Manchester Ship Canal. He was a member of the Provisional Committee (and later a Director) … subscribed 2000 pounds (probably the largest individual contribution), … " etc. For further details see pages 51/52 of "200 Years of Beer. The Story of Boddington's Strangeways Brewery, 1778-1978" by Michael Jacobson, published by Boddington's Breweries Ltd. (1978). [337]

The east window in Manchester cathedral was installed in memory of Henry Boddington. [336]


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Person record last updated: 1 Feb 2023

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