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Baptism22 Oct 1786; St. Mary the Virgin, Prestwich, Lancashire UK
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
OccupationDyer (family business)
ResidenceBank House, Barton on Irwell, (Patricroft), Lancashire, UK


1        Married, 1809
DeathAbout 1827
Death MemoPresumed date

Ruth Slater needlework, 1831

Marriage 3 April 1809, St Mary the Virgin, Eccles, Lancashire UK [346]
Children (8):Elizabeth SLATER (1810 - )
James SLATER (1812 - 1820)
Robert SLATER (1814 - )
Ann SLATER (1816 - )
Martha SLATER (1818 - 1871)
Ruth SLATER (1821 - )
Hannah SLATER (1823 - )
Mary SLATER (1827 - )

2        Married, 1828
BirthFemale; About 1801
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
Marriage 1828, Church at Weaverham, Cheshire UK [346]
No issue

Notes for William SLATER

Bank House passed to Henry Boddington when he married William Slater's daughter, Martha. [322]

Notes for Fridiswid Charlotte WORTHINGTON

Fridiswid Worthington is descended from a line of Worthingtons of Worthington who trace themselves back to the time of Henry III and, like Roger Mortimer, had a hand in the problem with Edward II and the poker at Berkeley Castle. Her father was an officer in the Horseguards (Blues) and connected to all the grand families of Lancashire.

Family notes for William SLATER and Fridiswid Charlotte WORTHINGTON

William's second wedding, like those of most of Fridiswid's family, took place in the church at Weaverham, which appears to be the church attached to the big house, and was under licence, which suggests that Weaverham was not the regular parish church. I'm not sure but as she was then 27 she might have been regarded as being on or close to the shelf (I'm thinking Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins.) and the family might have thought a rich dyer quite a catch. [346]


13.  Document, Noni Watkins researches and papers, 2000
322.  Book, Revd Edgar Boddington b.1859, 12/05/2018, My Earliest Life ...., Never published, a hand-written memoir, presently in the hands of the webmaster.
346.  Email, Christopher Boddington, 01/09/2021

Person record last updated: 30 Jan 2024

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