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BirthMale; 20 June 1868; Birmingham, then Warwickshire, UK
Death1 March 1956, age 87; 17 Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK
EducationKing Edward's school, Birmingham; Queen's College; Queen's Hospital
OccupationMedical doctor; Consultant surgeon; 1919 Professor of surgery, University of Birmingham
ResidencePractice: 95 Cornwall Street, Birmingham
Retired: 17 Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

Leonard Parker Gamgee (1868-1956)

1 Married
Name No person recorded for this spouse.
Child (1):Margaret Theodora 'Peg / Peggy' GAMGEE ( - ~1960)

Notes for Professor Leonard Parker GAMGEE

Leonard's father was a very eminent Birmingham surgeon but did not conserve his money, giving much away to the unhealthy poor either straight from his pocket or via the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund, a charity that he had founded. Leonard's father died when he was eighteen; probably soon after Leonard had become a student, and I suspect his mother's side of the family paid the bills.

Once Leonard had qualified he would have been an earner in hospital but on becoming an Honorary Consultant Surgeon that money would have ceased. He would then have been paid as a University Lecturer and later as a Professor. As a consultant, possibly half to three quarters of his time, he then had to borrow money to set up his Consulting Room, for all he had was his father's bureau which I still have. The money came in as fame followed his skill and he mixed financial wisdom with generosity, as did many of his colleagues, helping to educate several impecunious Doctor's families. He was also able to guide the generous ears of titled patients to whom it was indecent to send bills, and also the Cadbury family.

I recount this to show that in those days money and generosity came together, and I was aware that he enjoyed helping others.

The Gamgee name is Hugenot in origin.
David Boddington, grandson. [118]

Regarding Dr David Boddington's notes above referring to Leonard Gamgee's generosity - my father, Samuel Rodney Boddington was David Boddington's uncle and when my father wished to buy his farming property, in 1947, Leonard Gamgee provided my father with the necessary private mortgage. My father was always very grateful to Leonard for having enabled this important step up in his career. [269]

In Memoriam


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Person record last updated: 22 Nov 2023

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