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Alfred Albert PAYNE
Annie Amelia KAPPES

Married: 26 March 1938; St Benet's church, [31]
Thomas Frederick BODDINGTON
(1909 - ~1985)
Lilian Louisa PAYNE
(1914 - 2001)
 bd.  9 March 1909
 dd.  About 1985, age about 76 [46]
 res.  UK
 src.   [31]
 bd.  26 Nov 1914 [46]
 dd.  17 June 2001, age 86 [46]
 res.  UK
 src.   [31]


Living children not displayed

Notes for Thomas Frederick BODDINGTON

Joined the Somerset Light Infantry as an Arsenal Examiner during WWII. Deserted first wife during WWII before 2nd child was born and known to have set up home with someone else His forces number was Private 670087.

Notes for Lilian Louisa PAYNE

Evacuated to Instow in North Devon, UK during WWII.


31.  Email, Lilian Watson, 4 August 2001
46.  Email, Lilian Watson, 22 October 2001

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