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(1876 - 1929)
Winifred SHAW
(1874 - 1934)

Married: About June 1930; Solihull, Warwickshire UK
Solihull Jun 1930 6d 1966
(~1900 - 1995)
(1902 - ~1961)
 bd.  About 1900
 dd.  21 July 1995, age about 95
 occ.  Self employed artist/craftsman (wood)
 res.  Tree Cottage, Black Dog, Crediton, Devonshire, UK
 src.   [269]
 bd.  28 June 1902; Crief Lodge, Edgbaston, Birmingham UK
 dd.  About Dec 1961, age about 59; Devonshire
 res.  Tree Cottage, Black Dog, Crediton, Devonshire, UK
 src.   [269]
Spouses: 1, 2

No issue

Notes for John 'Jack' WHITFIELD

Originally from Solihull but lived much of his life at Tree Cottage, Black Dog, Devon UK.

Jack was self employed, at least I never knew of him being in employment! He had a carpentry workshop in the garden and for very many years he made toy sailing yachts which were sold around the Devon tourist towns. The yachts came in three sizes and were named on the hulls as Jean I, II or III depending on the size. The sails and rigging were made by his wife, Ida.

He loved fishing, regularly taking a boat out from Teignmouth to fish for Sea Bass. This was so regular that I presume he had his own boat down there, but I never heard of it.

He was a very big man, tall and heavy, but very quiet, always with a smile and he always seemed to me to be very much at peace with the world.

We weren't frequent visitors, just every few years. On one occasion we arrived to find that Jack had gone to the pub across the road. My father went over to join him, sitting next to him at the bar. Jack failed to recognise his brother in law and so my father played along for a minute before Jack realised, to much merriment and leg pulling! [269]

Notes for Ida Kathleen BODDINGTON

Ida was very much a Boddington, commanding, authoritative and feared by us nephews. We didn't stay often but were very wary of her when we did. A complete contrast to husband Jack whose company we much enjoyed. However, she was a kindly woman and certainly didn't mean us any harm! [269]


269.  Personal information, Tim Boddington (Webmaster)

Family record last updated: 16 Dec 2021

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