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(1840 - 1906)
(1843 - 1902)

Douglas Edward BODINGTON
(1872 - 1917)
(1884 - 1972)
 bd.  17 Nov 1872; Kenilworth, Warwickshire UK
 dd.  1917, age about 44; Kentucky USA
 res.  USA
 src.   [351]
 bd.  25 Nov 1884; UK
 dd.   Sept 1972, age 87; Davenport, Scott County, Iowa USA
 res.  USA
 src.   [351]
Spouses: 1, 2


Kathleen R BODINGTON (1907 - 1987)

Family notes for Douglas Edward BODINGTON and Rose STROFTON

St. Catherine's House records show birth registered January to March 1873 at Warwick UK. Vol. 6d page 576. Also found Douglas and family in the 1910 Federal Census in Tazewell County, Virginia not West Virginia as thought.

Notes for Douglas Edward BODINGTON

Douglas Edward Bodington's letter written on his business stationary dated September 14th 1915, said that his wife Rose had passed away and he was sending his daughter Kathleen to Tryon, North Carolina to board with a Dr Kenworthy's widow, till he got his affairs in order. However, Rose Bodington shows up in the 1920 Federal census living with her brother and his son in Chicago Illinois, Kathleen age 12 and Daughter Elinor age 1. It looks very much as though they were trying to hide a family breakup.

Notes for Rose STROFTON

Rose Bodington shows up again in the 1930 Federal census living in Chicago as head of household. Daughter Elinor age 12 was with her, Kathleen was not mentioned, either she was married or was living elsewhere.

Social Security # 355-18-5762.


351.  Document, Deborah Bodington, RI USA, March 2008

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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