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Revd Herbert James BODINGTON
(1849 - )
Louise Augusta MARES
(1853 - )

Kenard Charles BODINGTON
(1884 - 1967)
Irene A
 bd.  12 June 1884; Rectory, Suffield, Norfolk UK
 bpd.  6 July 1884; Suffield, Norfolk UK
 dd.  12 Aug 1967, age 83; D.V.A. Hospital, Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
 brd.  15 Aug 1967; Cremation, Royal Oak Crematorium, Vancouver Island
 edu.  Lancing College
 occ.  Farmer, Army
 res.  1 Brentwood Drive, Central Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Canada
 src.   [350],[364]
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  Canada
 src.   [383]

Notes for Kenard Charles BODINGTON

Emigrated from UK to British Columbia, Canada, and lived there for the last 30 years of his life. It seems that he spent all this time in retirement. [383]


350.  Document, Ann Johnston, 2 December 2007
364.  Document, Visitation of England & Wales
383.  Public archive, 07 June 2016, British Columbia archives, death certificate B13284

Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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