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Revd Herbert James BODINGTON
(1849 - )
Major William Henry BARKER
Louise Augusta MARES
(1853 - )
Isobel Helen CAMPBELL

Married: 18 April 1907; All Saints', Wokingham, Berkshire UK [364]
Surgeon-Captain Percival James BODINGTON
(1876 - )
Nora Elizabeth BARKER
(1887 - )
 bd.  14 March 1876; Buxton, Norfolk UK
 bpd.  16 April 1876; Buxton, Norfolk UK
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 edu.  Haileybury School, Edinburgh University, MB ChB Edin 1899
 occ.  British Army, see notes
 mil.  Royal Army Medical Corps; Surgeon-Captain in Royal Horse Guards, see notes
 res.  Upton Grey, Hampshire UK, UK
 src.   [350],[364]
 bd.  6 May 1887; Cammo, Edinburgh UK
 bpd.  10 June 1887; Cammo, Edinburgh UK
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  UK
 src.   [364]

Notes for Percival James BODINGTON

Entered the Army as Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps 14 November 1900, Captain 14 November 1903, Surgeon-Captain Royal Horse Guards 1 March 1907, served in South African war partly as Civil Surgeon 1900-02, in Cape Colony, South of Orange River 1899-1900, at operations in the Transvaal, West of Pretoria July to 29 November 1900. In Cape Colony 30 November 1900 to 31 May 1902 (Queen's Medal with two clasps, King's Medal with two clasps).


350.  Document, Ann Johnston, 2 December 2007
364.  Document, Visitation of England & Wales

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