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Francis Capper BROOKE
Juliana Jemima ALLIX

Married: 1857; Suffolk
Divorced: About 1869; 5 September 2015
Major General Edward William Derrington BELL VC
(1824 - 1879)
(1840 - 1897)
 bd.  18 May 1824; Landguard Fort, Suffolk UK
 dd.  10 Nov 1879, age 55
 brd.  Kempsey, Worcestershire UK
 edu.  Sandhurst
 mil.  23rd Regiment of Foot; Royal Welsh Fusiliers
 res.  UK
 src.   [350]
 bd.  22 May 1840; Rome, Italy
 dd.  15 Feb 1897, age 56; New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
 edu.  Mason Science College Wikipedia: Mason Science College, 1884-85, Birmingham UK
 res.  Rome, Italy
United Kingdom
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
 src.   [350],[393]
Spouses: 1, 2


[2 children] BELL

Notes for Edward William Derrington BELL VC

He was decorated for his bravery in action on 20 September 1854 in the Crimea War. His citation reads: 'Recommended for his gallantry, more particularly at the Battle of Alma, where he was the first to seize and capture one of the enemy's guns which was limbered up and being carried off. He moreover, succeeded to the command of his gallant regiment which he brought out of action, all his senior officers having been killed or wounded.' He was decorated by Queen Victoria on Southsea Common, Hants, on 2 August 1858.

He received many other medals for his service in the Crimea and India - including the Legion of Honour from the French Government. In 1868 he was made Major General and in 1875 he was made General Officer Commanding, Belfast District. He died in Belfast on 10 November 1879, leaving a wife, one son and three daughters, and was buried in his father's grave in Kempsey, the inscription now being almost illegible.
From the Kempsey Collection, web citation. [379]

Notes for Alice BROOKE

In 1851 the 10 year old Alice was living with her widowed father in a large house in Suffolk, England, which included seven household servants and a governess. Author of Importance of Race and its bearing on the Negro Question, 1878, and a number of scientific articles.


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Family record last updated: 28 March 2023
Divorce record last updated: 31 March 2022

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