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Frederick Arthur SHAW
(1873 - 1928)
Frederick Charles CARLÉ
(1876 - 1927)
Clare 'Clara' BODDINGTON
(1879 - 1960)
Elsie Maud ELLIS
(1879 - 1966)

Married: 2 June 1934 [271]
Frederick Henry Boddington 'Sonny' SHAW
(1903 - 1965)
Mary Elizabeth CARLÉ
(1912 - 1984)
 bd.  9 Oct 1903; Frome, Somerset UK
 bpd.  15 Nov 1903
 dd.  1965, age about 61; Bath, Somerset UK
 occ.  Woollen cloth manufacturer
 res.  UK
 src.   [271]
 bd.  23 June 1912; West Byfleet, Surrey UK
 dd.  1984, age about 71; Slough, Buckinghamshire UK
 res.  UK
Spouses: 1, 2


Living children not displayed

Notes for Frederick Henry Boddington 'Sonny' SHAW

His nickname of Sonny is disclosed in his parents domestic Visitor Book [269]

Dr David Boddington, whose father was a cousin of Frederick, writes: "I remember Fred as being very large at hip level, which was my head level, all trying to clean our teeth together in the bathroom at one time. I think he wore glasses. Many years later we called in to see them, Fred and wife, at Frome where he was working in tweed. His wife was pregnant and out in the kitchen. Frederick shouted out to someone 'Go and fetch the Cake and say Stuart is here'. I was vaguely hungry at the time and had high hopes of some grub [food]. But no—the good wife was pregnant and they referred to the lump as the Cake! We all referred to this child when he was born as the Cake!"


269.  Personal information, Tim Boddington (Webmaster)
271.  Email, Frederick Anthony Shaw, 12 November 2014

Family record last updated: 29 Dec 2014

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