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William Henry BODDINGTON
(1830 - 1898)
Alice Ann MORREY
(1830 - 1898)

Married: 1883; Wolstanton, Staffordshire UK
(1856 - 1924)
(1855 - 1939)
 bd.  15 March 1856; Shelton, Shropshire UK
 bpd.  4 April 1856; Shelton, Shropshire UK
 dd.  1924, age about 68
 occ.  Carrier by water
 res.  UK
 src.   [34]
 bd.  8 March 1855; Warrington, Lancashire UK
 dd.  1939, age about 84; Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire UK
 res.  UK
 src.   [34]

Children (6):

Daisy BODDINGTON (1884 - 1884)
Violet BODDINGTON (1884 - 1884)
Harry Stewart BODDINGTON (1885 - 1961)
Winifred Alice BODDINGTON (1886 - )
Oswald William BODDINGTON (1888 - 1915)
Millicent Mary BODDINGTON (1891 - )

Notes for Harry BODDINGTON

Recorded as Harry but that is possibly short for Henry.
Birthplace and Baptism place recorded as Shelton, Shropshire. His marriage was at Wolstanton, Staffordshire. By strange coincidence Wolstanton is just a stone's throw from Shelton in Staffordshire, both places being part of Stoke on Trent. His wife died at Newcastle-under-Lyme which is immediately adjacent to Stoke on Trent, so presumeably he lived his married life in that district. As a carrier by water he would have had the Trent & Mersey canal on his doorstep.


34.  Email, Tony Greatbatch, 15 August 2001

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