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Married: 26 March 1793; Whitmore, Staffordshire UK
Described as 'Of the parish of Stoke' and 'Literate' [25]
(~1770 - ~1816)
Elizabeth WORRALL
(1771 - 1833)
 bd.  About 1770; probably Warwickshire UK [34]
 dd.  About 1816, age about 46; Hanley, Staffordshire UK [34]
 occ.  Painter of Pottery. Apparently moved to Etruria in early 1800 where he worked for Wedgwood as a painter of china and as an inventor of colours for painting [34]
 res.  UK
 src.   [25]
 bd.  10 May 1771; Whitmore, Staffordshire UK [34]
 dd.  7 March 1833, age 61; Hanley, Staffordshire UK [34]
 res.  UK
 src.   [25]

Children (6):

Mariam BODDINGTON (1794 - )
William BODDINGTON (~1798 - )
Elizabeth BODDINGTON (~1800 - 1825)
Joseph BODDINGTON (~1802 - )
Thomas BODDINGTON (1806 - 1857)
Charles BODDINGTON (~1811 - <1881)

Notes for Joseph BODDINGTON

He is reputed to have painted a vase for the Prince Regent (later George IV) when he visited the factory, and this was later presented to the British Museum. However, the British Museum have no record of this vase. [34]

From the Wedgwood records the following details for the work of a Joseph Boddington have been found :- September 5th 1815 - 21s per week; November 11th 1816 - 21s per week; November 11th 1817 - 21s per week; November 11th 1818 - 2s 6d per day (same terms as before); November 11th 1819 - 2s 6d per day (same terms as before); October 31st 1820 - 2s 6d per day (same conditions as before); October 31st 1821 - 2s 6d per day (same conditions as last year); November 1st 1823 - 2s 6d per day (same terms but not paid for overtime); October 31st 1825 - 3s 6d per day & 1s 8d per halfnight; October 28th 1828 - 2s 6d per day (same terms but not paid for overtime); January 1844 - 5d per day (paid 2s 6d per week).

There is some confusion as to which Joseph Boddington these records refer. The reduction in rate from 21s per week to 2s 6d per day in November 1818 would seem to suggest a different Joseph and the logical assumption is that the first three (1815-1817) refer to the father and subsequent payments refer to the son. This would fit roughly with the approximate date of death of the father in 1816. The final record of 5d per day in 1844 is almost certainly another Joseph. [34]


25.  Email, Tony Greatbatch, 31 July 2001
34.  Email, Tony Greatbatch, 15 August 2001

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