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(1840 - 1906)
Charles Franklin MANCHESTER
(1843 - 1902)
Mary Hannah CROSBY

Married: 26 May 1893; Little Compton, Rhode Island USA
RI State Senator Frederick A H BODINGTON
(1873 - 1938)
Florence Augusta 'Flora' MANCHESTER
(1870 - 1961)
 bd.  1 Dec 1873; Kenilworth, Warwickshire UK
 bpd.  15 Feb 1874; Kenilworth, Warwickshire UK
 dd.  18 Aug 1938, age 64; Little Compton, Rhode Island USA
 brd.  Little Compton, Rhode Island USA
 res.  USA
 src.   [351]
 bd.  8 May 1870; Little Compton, Rhode Island USA
 dd.  2 Aug 1961, age 91; Little Compton, Rhode Island USA
 brd.  Little Compton, Rhode Island USA
 res.  USA
 src.   [351]
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Children (4):

Douglas Edward BODINGTON (1894 - 1962)
Frederick Malcolm BODINGTON (1897 - 1972)
Helen Mary BODINGTON (1904 - 1958)
Alfred Hazelwood BODINGTON (1910 - 1986)

Notes for Frederick A H BODINGTON

St. Catherine's House in London UK records show birth registered January to March 1874 at Warwick UK list in Vol. 6D page 591.

Record also shows Frederick was baptized Feb. 15, 1874. Records where checked by Hazel and Nelson Sanson. See letters at History page.

Elected State Senator in 1920. On 8 December 1921 noted in the New York Times for having given blood in an unsuccessful attempt to save a stricken sailor; see New York Time archive page. [351]

Notes for Florence Augusta 'Flora' MANCHESTER

Known as Flora. Believed to be descended from the Pilgrims who emigrated from the UK in earlier times. [351]


351.  Document, Deborah Bodington, RI USA, March 2008

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