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Edward Chaddock GORST
Revd Lorenzo MOORE
(1808 - 1894)
Elizabeth NESHAM
(1805 - 1894)

Married: 1860; Australia
Sir John Eldon GORST PC QC MP
(1835 - 1916)
Mary Elizabeth MOORE
(1835 - 1914)
 bd.  24 May 1835
 dd.  1916, age about 81
 res.  New Zealand
 src.   [351]
 bd.  1835
 dd.  1914, age about 79; United Kingdom
 res.  UK
 src.   [350],[351],[387]
Spouses: 1, 2

Children (?):

Harold Eldon GORST
[6 Daughters] GORST
John Eldon 'Lowndes' GORST (1861 - 1911)

Family notes for John Eldon GORST PC QC MP and Mary Elizabeth MOORE

They met on the MS Red Jacket as they emigrated to New Zealand and Australia respectively. Gorst then went to Australia to marry and they both then went to New Zealand.

Notes for John Eldon GORST PC QC MP

Arrived New Zealand 17 May 1860 after a disappointing career in the UK. His life, particularly in New Zealand, was of the greatest interest and one should read the web page noted above.


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Family record last updated: 21 March 2023

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