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(1794 - 1875)
Sir John BARRAN Bt, LL.D, JP, MP
(1821 - 1905)
(1818 - 1894)

Married: 8 Aug 1907; Holy Trinity, Kensington, London UK
By the Revd. Lundy Edward William FOOTE (Eliza's brother-in-law) [402]
Sir Nathan BODINGTON Litt.D., LL.D.
(1848 - 1911)
(1853 - 1941)
 bd.  29 May 1848; Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire UK
 dd.  12 May 1911, age 62; Woodbourne, North Hill Road, Leeds, Yorkshire UK
 brd.  Lawnswood Cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire UK
 edu.  King Edward's School, Birmingham; 1867: Wadham College, Oxford (Scholar and Hody Exhibitioner); MA and Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; Litt. D. Victoria University
 occ.  Principle and Professor of Greek at the Yorkshire College, Leeds, Yorkshire UK; First Vice Chancellor, Leeds University
 res.  Woodbourne, North Hill Road, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
 src.   [351],[358],[402]
 bd.  1853; Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire
 dd.  21 Jan 1941, age about 87
 res.  UK
 src.   [359],[360],[391]

Sir Nathan Bodington b.1848 d.1911 Sir Nathan Bodington b.1848, signature

No issue

Notes for Nathan BODINGTON Litt.D., LL.D.

1911, First Vice Chancellor of Leeds University, after he got Yorkshire College endowed and chartered to university in 1903.

Biography: See web link above.

His mother describes him when a year old as "very fair, with large blue eyes, and a bright colour." [358]

Nathan Bodington lived and died at Headingley, Leeds. He was cremated at Lawnswood cemetery about two miles up the road. Opposite the cemetery the OS map shows Bodington Hall. This was a hall of residence for Leeds University built in 1961 and demolished in 2013, and named in honour of Nathan Bodington, first Vice Chancellor of the university. [269]

Notes for Eliza BARRAN

Lady Eliza Bodington dedicated a piece of silver to Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1912 in memory of her late husband, who was once a Fellow. Lincoln College archive web site [391]


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