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Philip Ottey Egerton BAINES

Unmarried, no partner
Lieutenant Henry Edward BAINES
(1840 - 1866)
 bd.  4 April 1840; Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom
 dd.  27 Oct 1866, age 26; General Hospital Convent, Quebec, Canada
 brd.  31 Oct 1866; Mt. Hermon Cemetery, Quebec, Canada
 occ.  British Military, stationed at Quebec
 mil.  British Army, Royal Artillery (see notes)
 res.  Canada
 src.   [307]

Lieutenant Henry Edward BAINES (b.1840)

No issue

Notes for Henry Edward BAINES

I have a copy of Henry Baines’ journal illustrated with dozens of watercolour paintings. It was donated to Canada’s national archives by the sons of David H. Boddington: George Boddington and Arthur Boddington.

Henry Edward Baines was an officer in the British Army, specifically, a lieutenant in No. 5 Battery, 10th Garrison Brigade, Royal Regiment of Artillery.

On 14 October 1866 a horrendous fire broke out in the Lower Town (St. Roch) at Quebec. While fighting the fire to prevent it from spreading to the nearby General Hospital, Lieutenant Baines was seriously injured, and he died of his injuries two weeks later. He was considered a hero by the people of Quebec, and he is buried in Quebec’s Mt. Hermon Cemetery. There is a monument in the cemetery to his memory. More on this story can be found at Henry Edward Baines, history. [307]

Mr Marc Seguin, who provided the above notes, has written a book about Henry Edward Baines, The Cruise of the Breeze : the journal, art and life of a Victorian soldier in Canada and this is available from Amazon. Further information about the fire and Baines part in it can also be seen here (this page is now behind a paywall and so a subscription to myHeritage is required). Alternatively, interesting information can be found on the Soldiers of the Queen website noted in the tabulated details above. [Webmaster]

Another book was published shortly after his death entitled In Memoriam: Henry Edward Baines, Lieut. Royal Artillery, Died October 27th, 1866, Aged Twenty-Six Years, at the General Hospital Convent, Quebec by an unknown author. This may be available through Amazon.

Henry Edward Baines was also an accomplished painter of land and seascapes. His work can be viewed. [Webmaster]

Library and Archives Canada, inventory id: 3696171


307.  Email, Marc Seguin, 13 December 2016

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