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(1861 - )

 bd.  4 Sept 1894; Northampton UK
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 occ.  Shoemaker for Crocket & Jones, Northampton UK
 res.  UK
 src.   [115]

Notes for Thomas BODDINGTON

Emigrated to Australia probably around 1910 - but certainly before the outbreak of WWI. Thomas and James worked on a ship to pay for their passage to Australia and disembarked in Freemantle Western Australia. They worked their way across the country and met up with their sisters in Sydney.

My grandfather was a great man and throughout the great depression looked after, not only his own family, but the families of his sisters. He was known very affectionately by all of his nieces and nephews as Uncle Tom (unfortunately many of them also took advantage of his generosity). I will always remember him with great love and affection as Grandpa - I am proud to have Thomas Boddington as my grandfather. Les Keane.


115.  Email, Leslie Keane, 16 July 2005

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