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Thomas Albert BODDINGTON
(1809 - )
(1826 - )
Charlotte Elizabeth 'Eliza' TILLEY
Honoria McMAHON

Married: 2 Sept 1889; Gwalla Church, Northampton WA
Revd Thomas Louch [3]
Albert Charles BODDINGTON
Also known as (aka):

(1858 - 1914)
Hannah Louisa JUDGE
(1868 - 1937)
 bd.  10 Jan 1858; Fremantle, WA
 dd.  21 Sept 1914, age 56; Twin Peaks Homestead, WA
 brd.   Sept 1914; Twin Peaks Homestead, WA
 occ.  Cattleman, see notes
 res.  Twin Peaks Homestead, WA, Australia
 src.   [3],[91]
 bd.  28 June 1868
 dd.  1 Oct 1937, age 69; Twin Peaks Homestead, WA
 res.  Twin Peaks Homestead, WA, Australia
 src.   [3]
Spouses: 1, 2

Children (8):

Albert James BODDINGTON (1890 - 1971)
Thomas Aubrey BODDINGTON (1893 - 1955)
Hannah May 'Dolly' BODDINGTON (1895 - 1984)
Ernest Henry BODDINGTON (1897 - 1957)
George Murchison BODDINGTON (1899 - 1967)
Alfred Charles BODDINGTON (1902 - 1981)
Amy Rose BODDINGTON (1905 - 1999)
Hubert Arthur BODDINGTON (1907 - 1997)

Family notes for Albert Charles BODDINGTON and Hannah Louisa JUDGE

Gwalla church no longer exists. The skeleton of the church, with the cemetary to the north, can be clearly seen on the ground beyond the eastern end of Gwalla Street, Northampton WA. A heritage reserve covers the track in, and the area around the church which has not been cultivated. The location can be seen at:
Google: Gwalla church.

In 1900 living at Mt. Aubrey Station.

House destroyed by flood and so moved to build Twin Peaks Homestead.

Frederick's date of birth is a bit of a moveable feast. Fred was on the way before Hannah married Alfred, and is not a genetic Boddington. This could explain the variation in birth dates. Fred was noticeably different in complexion and build to all his siblings. [179]

Notes for Albert Charles BODDINGTON

Arrived in Western Australia 14 Oct 1854, on the Esmeralda.

1883 stockman for Frank Wittenoom. 1894 manager at Mt. Aubrey Station. 1900 owned and developed Twin Peaks and later Jingemarra stations.

Hannah JUDGE's first child, Fred, was NOT included in his adopted father Albert Charles BODDINGTON's will, which left all his estate to his biological children - six sons, two daughters, and to his wife Hannah (Fred's mother). The estate was settled for them when the youngest of his children was 'of age' in 1929. [395]

Notes for Hannah Louisa JUDGE

Of Northampton Western Australia.

The child of her first relationship - Frederick's birth was registered as Frederick JUDGE, and his mother Hannah JUDGE did not give Frederick's father's name. Hannah Judge married Albert Charles Boddington in Gwalla, Northampton WA, on 2 September 1889. [395]


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Family record last updated: 12 June 2022

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