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Frederick Andrew BODDINGTON
(1891 - 1951)
Ruth Annie SPARKS
(1893 - 1923)

Frederick William BODDINGTON
(1912 - 1971)
Mary Fenton DARBY
(1912 - 1982)
 bd.  27 April 1912
 dd.  24 July 1971, age 59
 occ.  President of Frederick A Boddington Band Instruments since 1953
 res.  Canada
 src.   [205]
 bd.  1912
 dd.  1982, age about 70
 res.  Canada
 src.   [205]


Living children not displayed

Patricia Anne BODDINGTON (1935 - 2009)

Notes for Frederick William BODDINGTON

Donated an annual prize to Ontario junior bands competing at the Canadian National Exhibition and often supplied instruments free to such organisations as the Salvation Army when they were needed for youngsters.


205.  Document, Lynn Coulter née Boddington, 2009, Melody Island Memories, self published

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