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William Henry MAWDSLEY

Married: 8 July 1914; Ladner, BC Canada [191]
Henry Thomas CAYOU
Also known as (aka):
Henry Thomas CAYON

( - 1959)
Edith Emilie MAWDSLEY
(~1880 - 1967)
 dd.  1959
 brd.  Woodlawn Cemetery, Orcas, San Juan County, WA USA
 res.  USA
 src.   [191],[288]
 bd.  About 1880; Bolton, Lancashire UK
 dd.  1967, age about 87
 brd.  Woodlawn Cemetery, Orcas, San Juan County, WA USA
 rel.  Anglican
 res.  Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada
 src.   [191],[288]
Spouses: 1, 2Spouses: 1, 2

Henry Thomas CAYOU

 Edith Emilie MAWDSLEY, b.1880

Notes for Henry Thomas CAYOU

Name may be Cayon. 1st wife died in 1913.

Notes for Edith Emilie MAWDSLEY

Emigrated to Canada about 1890 after her mother died.

After divorce children remained with mother in WA USA. Picture is with her second husband.


191.  Email, Margaret Allan, 19 May 2009
288.  Public archive, 08 June 2016, British Columbia archives, Marriage certificate B11368

Family record last updated: 28 March 2023

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