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(1813 - 1886)
Elizabeth NANSON
(~1836 - 1915)

 bd.   Sept 1868; Eccles, Lancashire UK
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  UK
 src.   [216]
 bd.  16 May 1878; Eccles, Lancashire UK
 bpd.  1878; St Catherine's, Barton on Irwell, Lancashire UK
 dd.  1964, age about 86; Italy
 res.  UK
 src.   [2],[216]

Children (2):

Cicely Marigold BINDLOSS (1904 - 1998)
Marjorie Honor BINDLOSS (1906 - )

Notes for William BINDLOSS

Residence: 1901 in Eccles, Lancashire UK
Residence: 1871 in Barton Upon Irwell, Eccles, Lancashire UK.

Notes for Irene Mary BODDINGTON

Residence: 1901 in Silverdale, Carnforth, Lancashire UK.


2.  Document, Reginald Stewart BODDINGTON, 1889, Pedigree of the Family of BODDINGTON
216.  Email, Anthony Williams, 13 August 2010

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