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(1790 - <4-1861)
(1791 - )

Married: 10 Sept 1848
(1827 - 1867)
(1828 - 1849)
 bd.  28 July 1827; St Peters Le Bailey Oxford
 dd.  11 March 1867, age 39; Yarra Bend Mental Hospital, Victoria Australia
 brd.  Yarra Bend Mental Hospital, Victoria Australia
 res.  Australia
 src.   [99]
 bd.  1828; Oxfordshire UK
 dd.  29 July 1849, age about 21; Sidney Australia
 res.  Australia
 src.   [165]
Spouses: 1, 2

Notes for Isaac BODDINGTON

Emigrated on the 'Agenoria' arriving in Sydney, New South Wales, in July 1849. Travelled to Geelong in the Port Phillip District, now Victoria.

Returned to Sydney in 1853 for the auction of the lease of the late Edward WEDGE and purchased from the Crown the Pastoral Occupation Licence of the Werribee Run at Wyndham owned by the late Edward WEDGE. Wyndham, on the Werribee River, was originally settled in 1836. It thrived as a rural township and it was gazetted in 1884 as Werribee. Isaac BODDINGTON returned to Wyndham and took up the Werribee Run in 1853. Built the 'Bluestone Cottage' up on the high escarpment above the Werribee River safe from any flood. Was only the second occupier of the Werribee Run.

After the Werribee Run, Isaac BODDINGTON settled at Freshwater Creek on the Angelsea road. There was a story told in the family that, after he was dispossessed of the Werribee Run, Isaac had a breakdown. He was admitted to 'Yarra Bend' Mental Hospital. He died aged almost 40 years in 1867.

Isaac was literate and signed his own name when he was registered as a Christian Israelite in 1859.

On his death certificate it stated that Isaac had 'congestion and chronic disease of the brain' and this was certified at the Coroner's inquest. When he died, on 11 March 1867, he had suffered from it for 3 months, according to the doctor.

There was thought to have been a BODDINGTON family row on their way to Australia and Isaac's brothers disembarked at Perth, Western Australia. Not much more is known about them, although the Western Australian Pioneers' Index 1841-1905 records marriages for William, Henry, Albert Arthur and James BODDINGTON in the years 1871 to 1897.

These WA Boddingtons are listed on this web site, and their history is well known. I am pretty certain that they are not immediate relations of Isaac's. Isaac's family comes from Oxford; the WA families come from London. [99]

Possibly a brother to Alfred Boddington. [99]

Notes for Emma TALLBOY

Died within days of arriving in Australia. [165]


99.  Email, Debbie Robinson, 23 October 2004
165.  Email, Ian Boddington, 4 July 2006

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