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Key to codes on Family Records:

bd. Birth Date
bpd. Baptised Date
dd. Death Date*
brd. Burial Date
occ. Occupation
edu. Education
rel. Religion
mil. Military Service
sepd. Separation Date
divd. Divorce Date
stat. Status
src. Data sources
aka. Also Known As

In all cases the information can only be reported if it exists in the database. Where there is no information where it might be expected, the field will display 'No data recorded'. The dates are often followed in the display by further event information such as event place and event memo, but only when the information is recorded on the database.

At present it is not possible for users to update the database; this can only be undertaken by the family database manager. If you find an error or have additional information on an individual I would be most grateful if you would let me know by email - there is a link near the bottom of the data on every page. Please use this link because it is coded with the relevant record number so that I can more easily relate your information to the correct record in the database.

* If no death or burial date is given, then if the person would be older than 102 they are displayed and marked 'Presumed deceased'.

If a person is not known to be deceased and determined through dates or other means to be less than 97 years old at todays date, their details are not displayed.

Those between 97 years and 102 years of age will be displayed and marked as 'Possibly deceased'.

Colour codes:

  • The yellow background on the family page indicates that the person is fully displayable - click on the yellow person box;
  • The green background on the family page indicates that the person is not displayable. This is usually because the person is living, but could be because they have been marked 'no display' for other reasons.

Return to Person/Family record

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