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This set of pages is all about the One D Bodingtons! The majority of this information came from Deborah Bodington who lives in Rhode Island USA. The information was put together by her late husband. He was considerably assisted by Nelson Sanson and a UK family who passed valuable information after discovering old documents.

It is a truly fascinating collection. The earliest identified member of the family was William Bodington whose family came from Great Harborough in north east Warwickshire, UK. Over the generations they are found in many of the villages in that area as well as further afield in Kenilworth, Cubbington and Charlecote. The interesting thing about this (well, to me anyway) is that my own family of Boddingtons (with two Ds) came from the same general area! The probability of relationship is considerable with one family being descended from the other and having a different spelling only by the mis-stroke of a pen. The question, still to be answered, is which family descended from which? Further research may hopefully tell us.

The family spread far and wide over time so that today we have a very strong family in Rhode Island USA, particularly well settled in Little Compton where they have lived for generations and do still today. There are further outposts in South Africa, Australia, California USA, and still, of course, in the UK.

For the structure and range of family lines please go to the Structure page.

A significant member of the family was Senator Frederick A H Bodington from Rhode Island. By good fortune three of his letters have survived giving us a fine insight into his life in 1919 and 1920.

Another significant father and son were both doctors and both enjoyed exceptional careers. See Dr George Bodington and his son Dr George Fowler Bodington.

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