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DeathDeceased, age not recorded


Married, 1895
BirthFemale; 29 July 1877; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [382]
Baptism20 Oct 1897; Fraser River Mission, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada [382]
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
Marriage 10 Aug 1895, Winnipeg, Canada
Children (3):Helene Aleixa IRVINE (1899 - )
Ronald Brooke IRVINE (1902 - )
Rosaland IRVINE (1906 - )

Notes for Winifred Brooke BODINGTON

St. Catherine's House records show birth registered October to December 1874 at Stourbridge, Warwickshire UK. Vol. 6c page 229. [351]

Winifred has been mis-transcribed on the free BMD as Wilfred. Also shown as Winnifred in the British Columbia, Canada, archives! Maybe a confusion with Winnipeg, her place of birth which is double-n. [351],[382]

Winifred, together with her sister Helena, appears to have been baptised twice, just a few days apart, in two different churches! The first baptism is recorded above. The second was conducted on 28th October 1897 at St John The Devine, Derby, Yale, Maple Ridge. [382]


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