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BirthFemale; 1894; Perth, Western Australia
Death5 Aug 1980, age about 86; Maylands, Western Australia
MotherNot recorded


Married, 1922
BirthMale; 14 Jan 1893
Death18 Nov 1955, age 62
OccupationRan Twin Peaks station (see notes).

Twin Peaks - (see notes below)

Marriage 1922 [3]
Children (6):Alfred Edward BODDINGTON (1923 - )
Judith Mary BODDINGTON (1924 - )
David Aubrey BODDINGTON (1926 - 2012)
Living child #4
Living child #5
Living child #6

Notes for Thomas Aubrey BODDINGTON

Ran Twin Peaks and Jingemarra stations with his brothers under the name of Boddington Bros. until his death in 1955.

Some doubt as to whether Thomas or Alfred was the oldest child.

Served on the Road Board for 19 years.

The picture shows wool leaving Twin Peaks by camel wagon, 1934. 70 bales, bound for the railway at Pindar. [206]

Family notes for Mary Constance Turnbridge 'Dolly' ANGELO and Thomas Aubrey BODDINGTON

On marriage they built a homestead at Jingemarra Station.


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