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BirthFemale; 1922
DeathDeceased, age not recorded


Married, 1953
BirthMale; 27 Oct 1918
Death2 Nov 2003, age 85

Geoffrey BODDINGTON (b.1918)

Marriage 4 April 1953
Children (2):Living child #1
Living child #2

Notes for Geoffrey BODDINGTON

Travelled the world by boat then settled in Canada in 1949 or 1950.
Lover of Mozart and all things wise and wonderful.

Geoffrey spent nine years with the 10th Cardiff Scout Group working his way to troop leader and assistant scout master. He traveled extensively beginning at age 20. He first left Cardiff (which was big enough news of the day to be featured in the South Wales Echo and Express Friday 30 Dec 1938, 26 Jan 1939 and the Western Mail and South Wales News 30 Dec 1938, 2 Jan 1939). Geoffrey's intentions were to meet up with David Wynn (so featured as Vagabond, Explorer, Lecturer and Author of the 'World's My Oyster') whom Geoffrey had heard speaking on a BBC radio broadcast. They were going to make their way to Africa and hitch-hike across the Sahara together. Wynn never showed up to their meeting point but Geoffrey continued regardless and made it to the desert just prior to the outbreak of WWII and returned for service in the navy.

When the war ended Geoffrey resumed his travels leaving Falmouth 12 April 1946 aboard the sailing ketch 'Elinor' working his way through the Bay of Biscay, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Bouga, Algiers, Tunis, Malta, Benghazi, Alexandria, Aden. In Ceylon he jumped ship with its tyrant skipper and boarded the 'Columbo' which took him to Singapore and Freemantle, Australia, arriving June 1947. From Freemantle he crossed the Nulabor Plains in a utility truck arriving in Sydney Jan 1948. Here he landed work with the electrical staff of the movie production, 'Eureka Stockade'. When the production was finished he traveled north to Brisbane, Cape York, Darwin, south to Alice Springs and on to Binnum, South Australia, where he connected with 'Boddington' relations, though I'm not sure how we are related. [123]


123.  Letter, 17 September 2005

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