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The British Chapel (All Saints) - Smyrna

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (1795 to 1832)

A record of Boddingtons in alphabetic order ...

Amelia BODDINGTON, born 23rd December 1804, the daughter of Valentin and Arggro BODDINGTON.

Benjamin BODDINGTON, married 17th March 1802, to Anastassa Rosalina ALEXANDER.

Benjamin BODDINGTON, married 27th April 1814, to Anthula CHINOPULS, of Smyrna.

Caroline BODDINGTON, baptised 25th March 1820, the daughter of Benjamin and Anthula BODDINGTON.

Catherine BODDINGTON, born 4th March 1803, the daughter of Benjamin and Anastassa BODDINGTON.

Charlotte BODDINGTON, buried 24th September 1823, aged 16 years, the daughter of Valentine BODDINGTON.

Elizabeth BODDINGTON, the daughter of Benjamin and Anthula Chinopolo BODDINGTON, born 11th September 1816 and baptised 24th September 1816 by a Greek Priest.

Amelia BODDINGTON, of Smyrna, married 9th June 1820, to Henry Perigal BORRELL, of London. The linked document suggests that Emily is the same woman as Amelia, listed above. Wikipedia entry for Henry Perigal BORRELL.

George BODDINGTON, the British Chancellor, married 18th October 1809, to Marietta ARMAYO, spinster, of the Island of Tino. In the absence of a Protestant clergyman they were married by Francis Werry, the Consul. This marriage was later declared void on the grounds that the Consul had no right to solemnize it.

George BODDINGTON, the son of Benjamin and Anatassa Rosalina BODDINGTON, born 15th March 1807 and baptised 23rd March 1807 by a Greek Priest.

George BODDINGTON, buried 31st December 1829, the British Chancellor.

Helena BODDINGTON, the daughter of Benjamin and Anatassa Rosalina BODDINGTON, born 20th February 1808 and baptised 27th February 1808 by a Greek Priest.

Henrietta BODDINGTON, born 11th February 1806, the daughter of Benjamin and Anastassa BODDINGTON.

John BODDINGTON, born 1st February 1818, the son of Benjamin and Anthula BODDINGTON.

John BODDINGTON, buried 21st July 1821, aged 3 years 5 months.

Joseph John BODDINGTON, born 2nd January 1815, the son of Benjamin and Anthula Chinopolo BODDINGTON.

Sophia Josephine BODDINGTON, born 3rd November 1813, the daughter of Valentine and Argyre BODDINGTON.

Sophia Josephine BODDINGTON, of Smyrna, married 25th February 1832, to Jules Antoine Charles CADALUENC, of Smyrna.

Susan Henrietta BODDINGTON, spinster, married 7th November 1803, to Atkinson WILKIN, Clerk employed by Mr. Lee.

Valentine BODDINGTON, Clerk employed by Mr. Anthony Hayes, married 12th March 1804, to Argyri ALEXANDERSON.

Valentine BODDINGTON, buried 6th August 1825, aged 54 years, Merchant.

There is a tree available in Google book view researched in the c.19 by Reginald Stewart BODDINGTON.

There are anumber of differences between the names listed above, taken from the British Chapel records, and the information from Reginald Stewart BODDINGTON. For good or ill I have chosen to use Reginald's spellings in the database and on the person and family pages.

I am indebted to Andrew Mallinson for his great help in providing this information and to Craig Encer for noting to me the link to the history of Henry Perigal Borrell who turns out to be a most interesting character.

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