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BirthMale; Nov 1806; Hanley, Staffordshire UK
Baptism30 Nov 1806; Hanley, Staffordshire UK
Death3 Apr 1857, age 50
OccupationPottery Manager. See notes
ResidenceUnited Kingdom


Married, 1827
BirthFemale; 27 Sep 1807; Hanley, Staffordshire UK
Baptism22 Oct 1809; Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire UK
DeathAfter 1891, age about 83
ResidenceVarious in Hanley and Shelton (see notes), United Kingdom
Marriage 10 Dec 1827, Hanley, Staffordshire UK
Children (9):William Cockson (~1828 - 1904)
Elizabeth Worrall (~1830 - >1891)
Arthur John (1830 - <1890)
Thomas (1832 - 1897)
Eliza (~1834 - )
Matilda (1838 - )
Joseph (1841 - 1891)
Annie Barkin (1843 - )
John Hackwood (1846 - 1925)

Notes for Thomas BODDINGTON

UK 1851 census Thomas initially worked for Wedgwood, as did his father Joseph, as a clerk. From the Wedgwood records the following details of his work have been found:
November 11th 1817 - 3s per week; November 11th 1818 - 3s 6d per week (same terms as before); November 11th 1819 - 1s 0d per day (same terms as before).

Described as a manufacturer in 1852.

Notes for Eliza HACKWOOD

Widow living at 53 Market Street, Hanley in 1861 with children Matilda, Joseph, Annie & John. By 1881, Eliza was living with George and Elizabeth Copeland (daughter and son-in-law) and their children at 14 Albion Street, Shelton and in 1891 they had all moved to 80 Gilman Street, Hanley.

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