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BirthFemale; 18 Oct 1876; Inglewood, Edgerton, Huddersfield, Yorkshire UK
Death19 Sep 1955, age 78
ResidenceUnited Kingdom

Notes for Sophia Kathleen 'Kit' SHAW

Known as Kathleen or Kit. Her comments appear in her brother Arthur's domestic Visitor Book, see [269]

Dr David Boddington writes: "[My father] Stuart took me up to Huddersfield to see his Auntie Kit who was short of money but living in a small hotel with a carer. She had Parkinsons disease and all the time she was being fed by her carer she stared at me, who was at an adjoining table, saying '——little David, ——little David'. Dad would try and get her to concentrate on getting her food off the spoon. Usually it is only the happiest of life's events that stick like this but I suspect it stuck with me as a young medic who went around diagnosing others troubles!"

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