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BirthMale; 1853; Stone, Buckinghamshire UK
Death 1933, age about 80
OccupationCorn merchant
ResidenceUnited Kingdom


Death 1913
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marriage Details not recorded
Child (1):Samuel Percy Boddington (1895 - )

Notes for Samuel SAUNDERS

Began work for Timothy BODDINGTONn at 9 years of age in 1862. He was put in charge of one of the corn shops at age 19. His mother, Hannah (nee BODDINGTON) SAUNDERS lived above this shop at 29 Broad Street, Pendleton.

Samuel SAUNDERS was asked to manage the three businesses and was very stretched, so enter his brother, Mr. John SAUNDERS and his son-in-law, Mr. T.O. WARBURTON. After 52 years of work Samuel was hoping to retire about 1916, but his son, Percy, was accepted by the navy in WWI, so Samuel snr. had to continue.

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