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BirthMale; 20 Jun 1891 [264]
Death19 Dec 1916, age 25; Battle of the Somme
Death MemoMissing in action on the Somme [71]
Burial Recorded at the Thiepval memorial
EducationPreparatory: Summer 1900 to Spring 1901, West House School, Edgbaston, Birmingham UK
1906-09, Radley College, Oxfordshire UK [264]
MilitaryCaptain in the British army, 6th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment
ResidenceBerkswell, Warwickshire UK, United Kingdom

Captain Guy Livingstone Boddington, Royal Warwickshire Rgmt, Solihull war memorial Captain Guy Livingstone BODDINGTON (b.1891) Captain Guy Livingstone Boddington, Royal Warwickshire Rgmt, Thiepval memorial


Married, 1916
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marriage About Mar 1916, Wiltshire UK
Child (1):Joan E (~1917 - )

Notes for Captain Guy Livingstone BODDINGTON

He is listed on the war memorial (pictured above) in Solihull, Warwickshire UK.

Burial location: Thiepval, France, pier and face 9A 9B & 10B. [71]

Between 1906 and 1909 Guy was at Radley College and is remembered on our memorial arch. [272]

Guy's comments appear in his sister Clare's domestic Visitor Book, see [269]

Family notes for Captain Guy Livingstone BODDINGTON and Barbara 'Babs' SEVERN

After Guy's death Babs & Joan went to live at the home of Samuel BODDINGTON, although Joan was born in Conway and I am not aware that Samuel BODDINGTON had a property there. Joan's parents home perhaps, although Guy and Babs were married in Wiltshire?

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