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BirthFemale; Q3 1904; Wells, Somerset UK
Death27 May 1966, age 61
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
MotherNot recorded


Married, 1934
BirthMale; 17 May 1907; London UK
Death10 Sep 1969, age 62
OccupationBanker with Lloyds Bank
MilitaryMajor in British Army
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marriage 6 Oct 1934, St Mary Magdelene, Wooky Hole, Somerset UK
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Children (2):Clive (1940 - 1992)
Guy (1944 - 2006)

Notes for Ursula Deborah G SHELDON

The BMD death index says she was born in 1906; she was actually born in 1904.

Notes for Russell Hanbury BODDINGTON

The BMD index says he was born in 1906; he was actually born in 1907.
Served as a Major in British Army based in Wells, Somerset UK during 1950s.

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