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BirthFemale; 29 Nov 1819 [13],[216]
Baptism Eccles, Lancashire UK
Death4 Mar 1871, age 51; Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire UK
Burial Mar 1871; St Catherine's, Barton on Irwell, Lancashire UK
ResidenceUnited Kingdom


Married, 1847
BirthMale; 18 Dec 1813; Thame Mill, Thame, Oxfordshire UK
Baptism15 Apr 1814; Thame, Oxfordshire UK
Death19 Aug 1886, age 72; The Cove, Silverdale, Lancashire UK
Burial Aug 1886; Silverdale, Lancashire UK
OccupationBrewer, Stangeways Brewery, Manchester UK
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
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The Cove, Silverdale, Westmorland (Cumbria today)

Marriage 8 Jul 1847, Manchester Cathedral
Children (8):Walter (Died in childhood) (1848 - 1862)
Henry (1849 - 1925)
Ruth (1852 - )
William Slater (1853 - 1908)
Frank Cooper (1855 - 1876)
Amy Mica (1858 - )
Edgar (1859 - 1939)
Robert Slater (1862 - 1930)

Notes for Henry BODDINGTON

See the autobiographical 'Record of the life of HENRY BODDINGTON, born 1813, died 1886', .

In his memoir, Revd Edgar BODDINGTON claims that his father, Henry BODDINGTON, had been expected to inherit his father's farm and mill at Cuddington, and that the fact that he didn't was considered by the family to be a great injustice. [322]

This is surprising because Henry was the second son, and one might have expected the inheritance to go to the first son. It was also of great good fortune because Henry went on to develop and eventually own the brewery at Strangeways, Manchester, and make the family fortune, something that would never have happened at the old mill at Cuddington! [Webmaster]

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